What do I need to bring and what does the St. Maximilian Retreat House provide?

Our guests will need to bring the following:

  1. The St. Maximilian Retreat House provides bunk beds with basic linens including bed coverings, pillows and light blankets. Depending on the weather, guests may wish to bring heavier blankets and sleeping bags.
  2. Guests should bring their own bath towels.
  3. Guests should bring an adequate supply of personal hygiene items, such as their own toothbrush and comb.
  4. Guests should bring sun protection and bug protection. The St. Maximilian Retreat House has outdoor insect traps mounted near the entrance.
  5. Guests are responsible for their own fishing equipment and license. The St. Maximilian Retreat House does offer a few fishing poles and reels for guests to borrow.
  6. The St. Maximilian Retreat House provides basic cutlery, china and cookware. Guests are encouraged to bring their own paper plates and plastic cutlery.
  7. The St. Maximilian Retreat House offers two aluminum boats and one trolling motor available for guest use. There is no extra fee for using our aluminum boats. You must wear a life jacket when using our boats. Life jackets for children and adults are available. Water safety must be cautiously observed at all times especially when there are children.
  8. Guests are responsible for obtaining a boating license if they plan on using the trolling motor. There is a small one-time fee for renting our trolling motor and marine battery. No boating license is required if only oars and paddles are used.
  9. Guests should bring appropriate outdoor clothing including sandals and hiking boots depending on weather conditions.
  10. Guests should bring cell phones for safety and navigation purposes. The cell phones could, of course, be turned off anytime.