What is the quickest way to get to the St. Maximilian Retreat House from Toronto?

The St. Maximilian Retreat House is located on the northeast shoreline of Lake Seymour. The municipal address is 382 Lake Road, Trent Hills, Ontario. The best way to navigate to the St. Maximilian Retreat House is using the GPS coordinates 44.39813, -77.81018 because some online maps are inaccurate at locating 382 Lake Road. The most direct route travels through Peterborough. The alternate route travels through the townships of Brighton and Campbellford.

Notes: Although the direct route (via Peterborough) is 20-25 minutes faster, driving seems to be more challenging. Along Highway 7, there are often no physical barriers separating traffic from opposing ways. Many infrequent and less experienced travelers use this route.